Quotes of participants in 2015

Rene Lous from VvAA (Leadership Journey in Uganda) - Coen created a magic program with interactions with local initiatives, games, homestays, an inspiring mix of models, practical sessions ... everything was well tied up in a fantastic flow. It changed me beyond what I considered possible". 

Erik Snoek from PON (Baak Strategy Program) - Coen's use of constellations, story telling and other creative methods made the concept of Strategy very much come to life. His own professional experiences in strategic projects helped me tremendously".

Jacqueline Stolmeijer (Baak Strategy Program) - professional, dedicated and super person. Love him"

Bertine Langelaan from (Young Executive Program, deBaak) - Coen is very open about his own learnings and I think it takes greatness to reveal that. He's not only a fantastic coach, but also a very special person. He challenged me on my leadership and purpose ... a journey never to forget

Erik Volkerijk from McDonalds (Young Executive Program, deBaak) - Coen has raised the bar constantly for me. His thoroughness ia a beautiful instrument. Coen also has this strong and inspiring philosophy to stick to your core, to who you really are, in everything you do". 

Arthur Huijgen (Schiphol Talent Development Program) - Coen is capable of bringing you back the the core, that which makes sense, the source. With his energy, sharpness and professionality he also knows to trigger the group and individual to understand the group dynamics". 

Thomas Dirksmeier (Schiphol Talent Development Program) - by means of his movieclips / stories / music he can make theoretic subjects become really clear. He places himself within the group, not as a 'master', that's why the dialogues were of high quality. He keeps probing to get to the core and comes up with creative solutions when the group got stuck".  


Average evaluation over 3 years:

Leadership > Young Executive Program: 8,9

Strategy > Baak Strategy Program: 8,8

Leadership > Schiphol Talent Development Program: 8,8

Leadership > VvAA and Amref Leadership Journeys: 9,0

Personal Development > Generation 30: 9,0