My name is Coen Koomen, founder of Blink&Koo.

The most important things in life for me are innovation, purpose and connection. At Grolsch I started a new business unit, and at Caterpillar I consulted dealers in Switzerland, US and the Middle East in founding Rental Stores. 

In 2000 it was time to re-invent myself. I cycled from Beijing to Kathmandu. The journey through the Himalayas enabled me to enlargen my own scope. It led me to a true adventure in Nepal, where I co-created new ways of education in a Nepali school and started a soccer competition. The initiatives that my Nepali colleagues and I started brought upon so much energy and result, that the Spark Foundation was founded. It trained around 50 volunteers to bring educational change upon over 40 schools.  

Inspired by the enormous impact of bringing together different ideas and initiatives, I found my own learning institute in 'de Baak Management & Leadership Centre'. It's here that I learned the essence of 'learning by doing', personal development and Group Dynamics. I kept developing myself by taking professional courses in Theory U (MIT), Voice Dialogue and System Dynamics in Organizations' (Hellinger Institute).

In 2012 I joined Better Future. It's here that another passion of mine was included in my work, the essence of PURPOSE in people and organizations. As an associate of Better Future,  I co-designed and facilitated many inspiring and daring programs to bring purpose back into the heart of organizations. I worked with them for Amref, VvAA, ICM, Friesland Campina, Rebel Group, ABN, Zwitserleven etc. in Africa, Asia and Europe.

What moves me in this work is to help people find what inspires and motivates them, so they take responsibility for the things they wish to change.  

Together with my wife Femke I have three sons, Jilles, Sjuul and Loet. Together with them, I just embarked on a whole new adventure. In August 2015 we moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to reinvent ourselves.